A Time of Fear and Hope

“When I was born into the world as an American citizen, I was given freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. Because of these rights and others, because America is democratic, because I live in a beautiful wholesome country, because these things were given to me, I owe my deepest respect to America.

By being a good Christian, by being honest, by being loyal, and by obeying all laws as a good citizen should, I can repay to America all the wonderful things that she has so freely given me. I owe my strength and my life to God and to my country.

At this critical time when attentions are at war, I fear to dream of our country being thrown into these useless and horrible wars. War is senseless. War is murder.

There is one predominating prayer in the hearts of American youth, and I honestly believe it is a prayer for peace. It is a prayer that America may not have to go through all the heartbreak, poverty, and murder that inevitably comes with war.

So now in my heart there is one thing which I believe America owes me more than anything else. It is a perfect peace.

If I give unto America all that I owe, if I cooperate with her, and if I serve her and honor her, then America must “let freedom ring, ” and America must give me –peace. ”

The author of this essay was my mother, Sanna Jane Taylor.