An Open Letter to Sandusky’s Victims

I heard today’s news that Mr. Sandusky waived his right to the hearing. I know that those of you who were prepared to testify today had no doubt steeled yourself for the event. I suspect that when you heard of Sandusky’s decision, you were both relieved and upset. But from what I understand of the law and of criminal proceedings, it may be best that you only have to testify once. You know as well as I that you are speaking for untold numbers of boys who can’t come forward.

Defenders of the Faith

Child molesters like to place the responsibility for their acts on their victims. A common ploy to accomplish this is a threat. Sometimes the threat is delivered directly to the child: “If you tell anyone I’ll hurt your mommy.” But often the threat is sent in code, or delivered by proxy to a larger audience, a family, members of the faith and defenders of the faith. Because child molesters lack the ability to empathize with the child their identity is attached to something else… their sexual obsessions, a group of

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