Work and Meaning

Our lives are specks. Planet Earth is a speck. Our galaxy is a speck. We live in an infinite universe where looking at a star means looking into a past so distant that earth had not yet stirred with life. We don’t sense our insignificance until it is brought to our attention: A natural disaster. A moment of awe, while seeing spectacular beauty for […]

Reporting An Offender You Love

After I wrote my memoir, I collaborated on a second book entitled “Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of Your Life after Boyhood Sexual Abuse. ” The theme is that what causes trauma in a child abused by someone older, is not so much the physical act, but the betrayal of a relationship. No child grows up with an […]

The First Castration

The first castration occurs in mythology, near the very beginning of the cosmos.   Mother Earth Gaea, gave birth to Uranus (Father Sky).    Just as Eve in the Bible married Adam, Gaea of the Greek Myths married Uranus.    Upon the marraige, Gaea had Father Sky surround herself, so that she would provide a protected home for mortal beings.  Their […]

Defenders of the Faith

Child molesters like to place the responsibility for their acts on their victims. A common ploy to accomplish this is a threat. Sometimes the threat is delivered directly to the child: “If you tell anyone I’ll hurt your mommy.” But often the threat is sent in code, or delivered by proxy to a larger audience, […]